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Open Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00

Software Consulting

There is always a unique factor to every business and service. Technologies advance, processes and systems have to evolve to keep up the pace. Dynamics CRM Service Management help to offer products that give consumers and prospects new ways to research purchases, learn about a company, share experiences and expand the business. Magnious Solution helps clients to realise their own potential through the mode of Consulting, implementation and services.

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Magnious Solution Inc | Developed by Viztechie

Managed Support Services

Adopt and implement digital technologies to translate your business strategies into operational processes and digital growth

  • Create highly intuitive and elegant interfaces across multiple channels
  • Consult with AEM experts on UI/UX design, architecture, development and testing
  • Analyze huge volumes of search, web, and social data to generate actionable insights and data

Strategic Consulting

Drawing on our industry expertise and best practices, we offer exhaustive consultation services which are not only customer-focused but process-centric as well. We focus on delivering consultancy to entirely re-invent your services while making the necessary changes to offer a superior customer experience with process-driven user interface across the diverse digital devices. We aim to help you achieve streamlined processes and results-oriented customer insights. Our Magnious Solution and deep industry expertise give you a head start and helps you run faster towards your goals while ensuring that you achieve measurable results in each phase of your growth and transformation.

Magnious Solution Inc | Developed by Viztechie
Magnious Solution Inc | Developed by Viztechie

Business Intelligence

Organization, these days, struggle with making key business decisions owing to the lack of right information at the right time. We leverage the BI best practices such as data warehousing, business performance management, data analytics, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards to deliver the unmatched services.

  • Unsurpassed reach, depth of resources and industry expertise
  • Outstanding support to clients to help them achieve their organizational objectives
  • Holistic approach, dedicated team and proven methodologies
  • Optimum business advantage
  • Broad portfolio of clients
  • Exceptional service delivery
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Faster turnaround time

Product Implementation

By determining the right CRM product for our clients, we help them to reinvent their strategies and initiate the transformation process to reduce costs, improve resilience, increase effectiveness and improve performance. Drawing from industry experience and expertise, we offer the best-in-class services at the most cost-efficient prices. We not only support our clients with right product implementation, but also help them in testing the product for interoperabilotyand provide a maintenance post implementation. Providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the existing business problems along with the contemporary services with a future roadmap for drawing the sustained CRM benefits, we aid our clients with standard CRM product implementations.

Magnious Solution Inc | Developed by Viztechie
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